Location 2nd Floor


KKV Plaza Ambarrukmo
KKV is now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo. Bring the elegance of our fashion brand to your fingertips. Explore the curated selections' sophistication in every piece.


Wacoal Plaza Ambarrukmo
Wacoal is a lingerie and women’s underwear manufacturer, founded in 1949 in Japan by Koichi Tsukamoto. Now Open At Plaza Ambarrukmo.


The Executive
Find the most complete collection from Executive Original at the best prices! Have the latest executive model at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Skechers Plaza Ambarrukmo
Get the newest and most complete Skechers products. Buy Skechers shoes, t-shirts, sneakers, bags, and accessories for men, women, and kids.


mothercare Plaza Ambarrukmo
Buy all baby equipment from baby clothes, strollers, eating utensils & various accessories at Mothercare Indonesia. Now available at Plaza Ambarrukmo


ELC Plaza Ambarrukmo
Buy original ELC Early Learning Center products at the best prices at Mothercare Indonesia. Find several best-selling ELC products that are suitable and safe.

Kidz Station

Kidz Station
Kidz Station is a specialty store for children's toys and clothing. Sell official toys and clothing from LEGO, Carters, Smiggle, NERF, and more.

New Topsy

New Topsy Plaza Ambarrukmo
New Topsy Salon serves hair care packages such as blow-dry packages, hair cut packages, and Kerastase Premium Treatment. We are available at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Wakai Plaza Ambarrukmo
Wakai mixes and matches to convey distinct individuality. Wakai offers a unique and distinct retail experience, created to suit all ages and personalities.


Boardrrider Plaza Ambarrukmo
Boardriders produces and distributes branded apparel, footwear, and accessories for boardriders. Selling surf skate brand products.