Location Lower Ground Floor

Boost Juice

Boost Juice Plaza Ambarrukmo
Boost Juice is one of Australia's most famous and loved juice and smoothie brands. Boost Juice is now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Parsley Plaza Ambarrukmo
Parsley Plaza Ambarukmo Branch is one of the Parsley branches that provides bakery & cake shop services

Bedding Depo

Bedding Depo Plaza Ambarrukmo
Bedding Depo providing all your mattress set needs, decorative living room, your hotel with premium quality materials


Lasona Plaza Ambarrukmo
Lasona is a store that offers a wide range of swimsuits. A wide range of models and color swimsuits are offered. Lasona is now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Bakso Kota Cak Man

Bakso Cak Man Plaza Ambarrukmo
Bakso Kota Cak Man is an is an original meatball from the city of Malang, with very varied choices and a very delicious taste. Now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Ramen YA

Ramen YA Plaza Ambarrukmo
Ramen YA. Restaurant with Japanese specialties Ramen, we sell a variety of delicious ramen menus at affordable prices, our mainstay menu is Ebi Tempura Ramen.

Century Health

Century Health Plaza Ambarrukmo
Century Healthcare Store provides a complete selection of medicines, vitamins, and complete and original beauty products. We are available at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Johnny Andrean

Johnny Andrean Plaza Ambarrukmo
Johnny Andrean Salon (JAS), the market leader in the salon business in Indonesia, has various types of hair care. Now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Cheon Plaza Ambarrukmo
Cheon adopts the contemporary street food concept from Korea which has a concept in the mall. Cheon is now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbin Plaza Ambarrukmo
Baskin Robbins is an American retail company that operates in the ice cream and cake sectors. Baskin-Robbins is available at Plaza Ambarrukmo.