Tenant category Fashion


NOA Plaza Ambarrukmo
Easy to wear, minimalist, and relaxed for an everyday lifestyle. Noa is a local brand that prioritizes comfort and quality to support daily activities.


Hammer Plaza Ambarrukmo
Hammer offers a complete fashion selection for men and women. Visit Hammer Plaza Ambarrukmo and get attractive discounts.

Planet Surf

Planet Surf Plaza Ambarrukmo
Planet Surf needs the younger generation who like surfing sports or fashion styles. Buy the most complete and original Planet Surf products at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Pedro Plaza Ambarrukmo
Pedro is a well-known fashion brand. Some of the products include shoes, bags and accessories that can be used by men and women of various ages.


Colorbox Plaza Ambarrukmo
There are various choices of Colorbox products, ranging from t-shirts, blouses, shirts, pants, and accessories. Now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Polo Plaza Ambarrukmo
Shop clothes at Polo Ralph Lauren for men, women, kids, and babies, plus accessories. Now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo.


Gosh Plaza Ambarrukmo
Gosh is a fashion footwear brand, which segmentation is trendy teens whom always up to date about style and fashion. Now Open At Plaza Ambarrukmo


Hardware Plaza Ambarrukmo
Hardware Clothing is an official store that provides various special clothing for women. We are available at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Leova Accessories

Leova Plaza Ambarrukmo
Leova Accessories, located on the 1st floor of Plaza Ambarrukmo, offers various accessories in the form of hair ties, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Donini Plaza Ambarrukmo
All bags from Donini Official are original Italian bags made from leather. Buy now at Donini Plaza Ambarrukmo.