Location Lower Ground Floor


JETE is a gadget accessories brand that
JETE, now open at Plaza Ambarrukmo, is a cellphone and gadget accessory brand that provides quality products at affordable prices.

Cinderella Nail Show

Cinderella Nail Show Plaza Ambarrukmo
Put some magical art on your nails! Get creative and let your imagination run wild as you color and design stylish nail manicures with tons of chic and beauty.

Gadget Store

Logo Gadget Store
Gadget Store is an option as a place to shop online for cheap and quality cellphone accessory products. Visit our store now.

Pasar Oleh – Oleh

logo pasar oleh oleh
Pasar Oleh - Oleh is a one-stop shop that sells various souvenirs from Yogyakarta, such as food, fashion and accessories.


Shigeru Plaza Ambarrukmo
Shigeru is a Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of fresh and authentic Japanese dishes. Shigeru products and services are guaranteed quality.

Three Stars

Three Stars Plaza Ambarrukmo
Three Stars. Get your dream smartphone, gadget, or accessory at a promotional price. Ready-stock cheapest and original iPhone and Android. Visit our store now!!!

Fun & Play

Fun & Play Plaza Ambarrukmo
Spend some fun time at Fun & Play. Playgrounds offer a variety of fun activities for children.


Domo Domo Plaza Ambarrukmo
DOMODOMO combines traditional desserts like mochi, ogura bean, kinako (roasted soy bean), and matcha, complemented with soft, chewy brown sugar boba.